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      So Katie you think you've got it bad!?

      Hey it's Brooks and Sophie, Dad's napping so we snatched the laptop. We saw you were complainin' cause your Mom can't tell time! Well ppffffttttttt!!! You should see what we gotta go through for OUR suppers!!

      Brooks: First Dad sends me to my place board, and Sophie just has to sit. She's got it so easy!

      Brooks: Then Dad shove's something in my mouth, and I gotta hold it like forever. Some guy name Mike started this whole have to hold crap. Wait till I see that guy again! And of course Sophie still just has to sit there. Sheesh! OUCH!!! Sophie just pawed me in the head! Sophie: Let that be a lesson to you Brooks!

      Brooks: So while I'm holding this thing, and Sophie's just sitting there, Dad goes to the secret place and fills the bowls, we aren't allowed in there, but sometime he doesn't shut the door and we sneak in..... well we'll just keep that quite in case he see's this. Anyway he comes back and feeds Sophie first!!! How is that fair??!! Sophie: Being older has it's bennies kid!

      Brooks: So while Sophie is chowing done, the torture continues for poor me! Dad sends from my place board to my bed down in the family room, and I still gotta hold this stupid thing!

      Brooks: Then, and this is truly cruel and horrible punishment, he sends me back to my place board, still holding on.......... and to make it even worse, I have to run past my food bowl to get there!

      Brooks: Wha......what's that? Sophie your done eating??? Sophie: Yeah butterscotch boy, and it was delish!!!! HAHAHAAHA!

      Brooks: Finally!!! My sweet, sweet supper!!!!!!!!!!!

      Brooks: Nom, nom, lick, crunch, YUM!!!!!!!

      Sophie: I'm the official fetcher of the bowls. Dad gives me a treat for bringing. Hey, this girl don't work for free!

      Sophie: Come on Brooks, hurry up, I got treat to get! Brooks: Nom, lick, lick, nom...... Don't rush me!!!!

      Sophie: 'Bout damn time!

      Sophie: Gimme my treat!!!!!!

      Brooks: So ya see Katie, you gotta pretty sweet deal, even if your Mom's not so good with the clock! Sophie: Hurry up Brooks, Dad's waking up!! Brooks: Shut up Sophie don't tell me what to do! Sophie: Somebodies gotta tell you what to do you little twerp! Brooks: Stop calling me names! Sophie: I'll call you anything I want, and I'm gonna kick your butt when we go outside! Brooks: No you won't! Sophie: Yes I will! I always do! Brooks: STOP saying that, people are gonna think Ima sissy! Sophie: Well you are a sissy!!! Crap, hit submit! He's awake!!!!

      Brooks: Ah no dad, nothing going on here!!!!

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      -I LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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      Oh, man....and Sunnie pouts if I take longer than usual stirring her food.

      You're a sadist, Barry...poor Brooks.

      (I'm impressed!)
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      Katie: Brooks and Sophie, I'll never complain again! Well maybe not until next meal time. Guess I'm pretty spoiled. Sure hope Mom does not see this and get some ideas. It will be just our secret, OK?
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      Lol thanks for the smile Barry. Poor Brooks he torches you

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