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    Thread: It's Time Mom

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      It's Time Mom

      At 7pm on the evenings Bill works I fix his dinner to take. Katie is well aware of the schedule. Tonight he does not go to work but at 6:45 she is staring at me. We always share a slice a cheese, not any cheese, I stop at a deli to get the good stuff. What to do? Go ahead and share our slice of cheese, LOL.
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      Lol! I literally get in and out of the spice/coffee/PEANUT BUTTER cupboard several times a day. There's never an alert or reaction of any kind from Miss Gabby...until the DH opens that cupboard. It seems that they share peanut butter toast...every...single...day. She has him trained as well as Katie has you trained!

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      It's amazing how our furry friends can learn our schedule.

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      That’s what makes time changes such a pain! Thor has something I call the “5 o’clock shuffle”. 5 pm is usually when I walk away from my computer for the day and move to the kitchen. It’s when he gets fed and I start preparing dinner. About 3:45 pm he starts the stare down, sitting next to my desk and shifting his body in a half circle (with loud sighs and huffs) for a full hour. If all of the clocks in my home suddenly die I can set my watch by Thor’s 5 pm shuffles.

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      I suspect the kennel we take Larky to feeds them earlier in the morning and earlier in the afternoon than I normally do at home and it resets her internal clock every time. Even a short, 3 day stay, such as she had last week, has her waking up about an hour earlier wanting breakfast and by 3 pm she is wild for dinner. The change from daylight savings time to standard and back is likewise hard to adjust to.

      Obviously Katie has a strong internal clock also and just because your husband isn't working isn't a good enough reason, in her book, to miss that tasty, tasty cheese. Plus, she's being very considerate of the effort you went to in getting the cheese- can't have it going bad before its all gone. Keep Mama on schedule there, Katie!

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      LOL, Hemi and I have our little rituals as well. Like this morning it made me laugh, I am sitting there eating my oatmeal, drinking my coffee, Hemi is playing off to the side having devoured his breakfast before mine was even finished. Then I silently reach for the banana, I try as quietly as possible to open it, but Hemi knows that sound and he has been waiting on it. He comes running, time to share a banana.

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