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I really don't think exercise is the issue. She has 3 walks a day at least. One is 1/2 hour, one is an hour and the other is like 15 minutes when I usually do some kind of training. The walks are usually off leas but it depends. If we are at the beach it's minimum an hour but usually longer. She does have osteochondritis dissecans so I have to modify her exercise a bit.
I like the puzzle idea though. I will see if I can find one.
you can also make your own. even just scaterring kibble helps. If you are on facebook there is a group called Canine Enrichment with tons of ideas. The muffin tin game is just a muffin tin and tennis balls. or a game of hide and seek (for food - or well for you haha). scatter kibble on a tea towel and roll it up so they need ot unroll it to get kibble.