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      So scary reading what happened. Oban you are not supposed to do that. So, so glad he was found and got home safe.

      Remember he time Bandit got out of the back yard; wind blew the gate open. There I stand in slippers and bathrobe and can't see him. Run inside to get some clothes on, past the front window, and see him cross the road at his favorite pee mail spot. Yep, went out after him in slippers and robe. I too have the collars with phone number embroidered on them, the leash also.
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      Kissing Bandit

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      Glad to hear your ankle behaved itself!

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      Gigi has done it a few times chasing squirrels into my neighbours. She also had a mind of her own . I do let her run off leash if I know the other dog . She usually astay with me. If I am riding my bicycle she will run ignoring everything with me.

      Last fall me and wife installed a invisible fence. Best 120 bucks or so we spent. Even after rhe training she just glued to us when we let her out with collar.. But I left the flags and she never crosses it even without rhe collar.

      This spring we plan to let her out with collar to let her live with it and understand it better as per trainer.

      It really took us maybe a couple hrs to install. I got a beat up edger and walked woh my wife putting the wire in the Grove I cut and using lawn staples to add more strength . I got a 100$ rechargeable collar unit from Amazon but the cost is mostly for the wire gauge. The cheaper units has very thin gauage. .I used a heavier one from home depot. Same as the professional unit.

      If someone wants I can do a diy thread with pics

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      Oh, God, scary moments for sure. Charlie has done that a couple of times on our hikes at the cottage. He always comes back but there are a couple of minutes of heart palpitations waiting for him.

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