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      "Place Board 101"

      Aye Mates,
      Class is in session for wee MAC as is conducted by the OL' DOG WHISTLER. I work with pups under the philosophy that every moment is a teachable opportunity. I start early on with high frequency socialization with humans and other K9's. Bolding walks to encourage both problem solving, self confidence building, agility, physical conditioning, exposure to a variety of environmental conditions, and very passive introduction to obedience, are daily activities. I make it fun and highly motivational through well planned success based training.

      So, wee MAC (9 weeks old) was introduced to the "PLACE BOARD" this morning with his sire TRAD lending his assistance to the lesson. Like all the retrievers I work with, MAC will spend increasingly frequent time on the place board which will serve as a concrete and less abstract starting and ending point as he is learning the mechanics of the retrieve. The place board and related training on it will also serve in eventually forging MAC into a steady retriever as he learns to remain on the platform during marking drill, he will learn that he is not to leave it to make a retrieve until released by me on command to do so. Many, many skill sets are to be learned in MAC's future, one building upon the other as we progress forward, but with frequent revisiting of skill previously learned, the objective being for all such skills to become entrenched in MAC'S retriever tool chest.👍

      Faugh A Ballagh,
      Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails -dsc04858resized_fotor-board-101-jpg  

      Joanie Madden, Mary Bergin, Adrea Coor, and Nuala Kennedy, each an Irish whistle goddess in her own right.

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      He's on his way to being a very smart boy!

      Very cute picture.

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      It's like he's asking TRAD, "Is this right Dad?"

      He's so dang adorable.
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