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      TEAM REV - Great Work 👍

      This afternoon I received a call from Rick, a training client, and I could hear the pride and excitement in his voice. Rick and his son Nick had travelled to Long Island for an HRC Hunt Test hosted by the Long Island Retriever Field Trial Club. Rick had contacted me some time ago about handling his retriever SHR CHURN CREEK'S EL DIABLO NUTMEG STATE REVOLUTION JH (call name REV) in the dual stakes hunt test at the seasoned retriever level. Rick was going to be working as an apprentice judge in the Started Retriever stakes and would not be able to handle REV. I reluctantly had to decline due to another commitment previously scheduled.

      REV and Rick have been training with me since REV was seven months old. Rick's son Nick has spent many hours with us throwing bumpers, lugging training gear, running bird launchers, planting blinds, and most enjoyably hunting birds o'er REV. The lad is a junior in high school and is one of the nicest kid's I have ever had the pleasure to meet and work along side of. Nick has gone to many hunt tests with his Dad and meself and has literally grown up in the fold. So all said, Rick decided to have Nick handle REV in the Seasoned Stakes today and it was to be Nick's debut as a handler never having done so previously in an actual hunt test.

      All reports from experienced handlers were that REV performed at a very high and stylish level in both the land and water series, and that Nick performed as though he had been an experienced handler while remaining cool. calm, and collected. REV and Nick earned his third of four qualifying scores needed to garner an HRC Hunting Retriever Title for REV. Dad / Rick was duly proud of both his boys today and so was the OL' DOG WHISTLER🍀.

      So TEAM REV will be back on the line tomorrow and running in hopes of earning their fourth qualifying leg and an HR Title for REV. I am pulling hard for the lads and will report on the results after the boys run tomorrow. I am hoping REV earns his ribbon and that Nick gets his first dousing of a bucket of ice water o'er his head for making title with REV, a long standing HRC tradition for those making title.

      Faugh A Ballagh,
      THE DOG WHISTLER 🍀🇮🇪🇺🇸

      Nick and REV - SHR CHURN CREEK'S EL DIABLO NUTMEG STATE REVOLUTION JH after earning REV'S third qualifying leg toward an HRC Hunting Retriever Title on 5/12/18. So nice to see this young man involved in the retriever games and handling like an old pro during his debut run with REV. CONGRATULATIONS TEAM REV AND BEST OF LUCK TOMORROW.
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      Handsome dog...that's a great shot!
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      Congratulations Team REV!
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      How great that Nick was able to step up and see it through. Congratulations on a very successful first day!

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      From the little time I spent with Nick during my visit last September, I could tell he was a good kid. Something tells me this will be the first of many successes in the field for Nick!

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