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    Thread: Dog Harness

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      May 2014
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      Dog Harness

      I posted a little while back that we were looking for a different leash or something because of the Georiga pulling. My wife has a hard time controlling her and complains that walking her is just no fun. I agree.

      We went to a local pet store this week and the person recommended a harness for us. It's called a JWalker. It doesn't have a clip on the back but instead there is one on each side of her shoulder. He stated that the clips on the back sometime gets the dog leaning forward to negate the control.

      We have had a half a dozen walks so far and they have been 100% better as far as controlling and pulling goes. I seem to be able to control her better. The horse harness around her snout didn't really do much and often came off during our walk. The only problem if any is when she switches sides because I give her a slack to sniff or etc. I basically have to turn her around like taking her to the heel.

      They are Canadian made products and sold at a number of pet stores in Ontario or on their website.

      Here are a couple of photos.

      Thanks Everyone!!

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      Nice On the improvement. I use a freedom harness and I love it

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      Nice! Georgia looks like such a sweetheart! Please give her a hug for me!

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