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      May 2014
      Williamsburg, Virginia
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      A Virginia version of PopTop/Fran

      Our new soon-to-be-next-door neighbors have a fenced backyard. The other evening, we had a chance to chat with the couple- and meet a couple of their dogs. Turns out that they foster/own senior labs! Their current labs are 10, 12, and 13, all rescues. They just lost their 15-year-old lab, who was rescued at 13, so they are on the hunt for a new senior to add to the pack. The labs were sweet and gentle, and very eager for us to use the Chuck-it to throw balls. The wife was very excited to hear we were planning to get a lab.

      I of course don't know if they are as fabulous and caring as our own PopTop, but their evident love of senior labs gave them a big gold star in my book.
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      Sounds like you have a good start with the new neighbors!

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      Did you invite them to join?
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      Sounds like you have lucked out with those neighbours.
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      Maybe you you know fence your yard in, they have their yard fenced in, then you put a lab sized doggy door on the fence between your yards. Just a suggestion. This way the seniors can come by for a visit, raid the cookie jar etc.

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      Such a compliment - thank you. We may not be as numerous as those who own the youngsters but I still assert that we have the best of the best. Bless that family for what they do. Hope they turn out to be one of my "tribe". Please pass along my compliments and kudos to them.
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      What a great start with your new neighborhood.

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