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      Quote Originally Posted by TuMicks View Post
      Man... you could get a whole massive thread going with the title "What's with these shelter operations????" This is maybe 20 years ago. I was a graduate student in the department of Cellular Molecular Biology/Biochemistry at our University here. A postdoctoral fellow had a cat that she'd had literally her whole life. She couldn't remember a time she didn't have this cat. He had to have been over 25 when he died. After a decent amount of time she went to the humane shelter and filled in the application to adopt a cat. They turned her down because she did research. (Let me add, she was a published author. They could have looked up her area of research.... she grew antibodies up in chicken eggs. It was a crock.) Their immediate assumption was (1) reputable science is done on mongrel animals whose genetic make-up is completely unknown and (2) a biological scientist will lie through his/her teeth to get a cheap source of tissue. And probably (3) she wanted to torture a cat.
      I'm sorry. No intent to hijack but I have to say something about shelters and rescues. Our vet was denied because he missed one of his dog's poops in his yard. A vet. There's no better person to give a dog to. I was almost denied a cat from the Humane Society many years ago because one of my cats died from cancer which she had when I got her. A senior person there stepped in and I got the cat.

      Having said that, keep in mind that many shelters accept volunteers who are blindingly self-righteous and ignorant and their decisions must be dismissed even though they affect people. They'll grow up eventually. Do keep trying if you really want to rescue.

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      I thought of this thread today while I was out hiking with Thor. We were on mile 10 of 12 and had stopped for a snack and water. Two mountain bikers came by while Thor and I were stopped just off trail. He was off leash but stuck by my side and didn’t move to bother the bikers. One of them said to me “what a great dog, I wish all of them on the trail were this well behaved. Where did you get him?” I was so tempted to reply that he was the newest amazon special - open the box and they come pre-trained!

      (Bonus pic of my happy pup on the summit today! My best hiking buddy. And yes it took a lot of work.)

      Mighty Thor, "So Much Dog", born 1/6/2014
      And baby Barley, born 3/9/2018

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      There are so many impulse purchases of puppies because people are dummies, frankly. Maybe these people are educated, but they don't use common sense, nor do they research anything. In this age of internet and smart phones, you can google "tips for finding a reputable breeder" and get some starting points to look for. I doubt most people even do that. They might do some cursory digging for a breeder as close as possible to them mileage wise. I really do not know how reputable breeders do it. The sheer idiocy on display in the email inquiries that get sent around is laughable. People looking for Labs to match their furniture/decor choices (they need to get the WHITEST Labrador only), people looking for free puppies because they're on a budget, but will give the puppy a great home (What will these people do if their puppy needs emergency, costly veterinary services?), people who've just had their first baby, AND they have a less than a year old Viszla, so looking for a Lab puppy to be friends with their Viszla! You cannot make this stuff up.

      I also like the "Dear Breeder" puppy inquiries when someone sends a form letter to every breeder in the area (probably taking emails from Lab club websites), and the form letter doesn't have any even minimal info about the family, but just asks the breeder about pricing and that they want [insert very specific desires for color, sex, size, personality, trainability] by a specific date. I've gotten correspondence via my club's contact page where people are looking for a Lab puppy for an exact date, e.g. need yellow female on the small side with mellow personality for daughter's 5th birthday August 13th. Puppies aren't toaster ovens, people. Sometimes I think people imagine there is some sort of Puppy Wal-Mart where dogs of every age and color are sorted and just shipped out whenever and wherever you want them. This topic just brings out the cranky pants in me. It really bugs when people ask you about getting a nice puppy and you help find breeders, litters, etc. only for them to turn around and buy from a large commercial breeder and paypal for their puppy online. Then they wonder why their puppy seems bizarrely small or has patches of hair missing, etc. It's hard for me to feel sorry for people who make these choices. I had someone in my friend circle looking for a puppy who then decided to buy one from a mall pet store. They didn't even make it 48 hours with the puppy before they were looking to give it up and rehome it. Big dummies!

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