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      Quote Originally Posted by kimbersmom View Post
      I keep thinking about this thread because I was quick to condemn people but upon reflection, I'm probably guilty of this too.

      We're scheduled to close on our new house by the end of this week (fingers and paws crossed) and my puppy fever has ramped up. I've missed having a dog so much; Kimber was so core to our lives. Meanwhile, in the last six months, I had one close family member pass away and another diagnosed with terminal cancer. Labs bring so much positive energy. I need a purpose, I need something to love, I need a lab to make me laugh and smile each day.

      DH is still not convinced now is the right time, and we debate whether to get a puppy (cuteness beyond measure) or look for an older dog (because lab puppies can be monsters). Meanwhile, I keep cruising the rescue lists and researching breeders who will have available litters soon. And if DH finally agrees that now is okay, I will jump.

      I completely respect people who can wait a year+ to get a puppy from a breeder, and that may be me in the future. I've learned so much from this board about the breed and the ethics involved. But if we do get a puppy now, I hope I won't be judged too harshly.

      /True confessions
      but - you've thought about already, even what would work better. you have researched what makes a good breeder and have a list. so when you are ready you know exactly where to go. that's totally different. maybe you'll find a slightly older breeder placement that just works for both of you when you move and that will be that!

      Totally different than someone who sees a lab puppy, says 'I want a lab" goes online to find the closest available lab puppy and picks them up this weekend

      I went to the local shelter yesterday for "fun" to see a dog. Turned out he was adopted already but I filled out an app and inquired about the process. The app takes 5mins. if you want a dog you point, they will see if it is "somewhat" of a fit based on app and if so you meet the dog and could adopt there and then. I was like "yeah I can't imagine taking a dog home then and there". The other option was putting a 24hr hold ot "get the house ready" :P

      I've sent out some apps but am really really anxious about getting another dog

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      Quote Originally Posted by Tanya View Post
      I've sent out some apps but am really really anxious about getting another dog
      You went through a lot with Penny and Rocky. It was heartbreaking with both your pups so I can understand your anxiety. But I also sense your heart will be so full when the right dog does come along. Before we got Chase, it had been 2 1/2 years since our previous dog had died before I felt ready for the love and heartbreak of owning another dog. When you're ready, I know the right eyes will catch your heart.

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