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      Quote Originally Posted by kimbersmom View Post
      When we got Kimber, DH was in between contracts and was able to devote himself full time to being a stay-at-home pup daddy. If we get a puppy now/near future, DH will be working. He telecommutes so he'd be home, but obviously he would have to be able to concentrate on work. For those of you who work, what is/was the general time table for your working days?
      For Puppy hood reference
      For Hemi and I, when he was a puppy, I took the first 2 weeks off, then talking with my boss, the next four weeks up at 6, eat play potty play, off to work at 8, early lunch 10:30 to 11 with potty and play. Then afternoon break 2:30 to 3 ish. then home at 5 then all Hemi time after that.

      Now as an adult after after like the first 6 weeks at home.
      I slowly like over the next couple years went from 6 a.m. morning to now 7 a.m. morning just now there is less play in the morning. 12 to 1 lunch. Mainly consisted of training and treats here at lunch I eat quick, 15-20 min every day training. This is a great time I found to train and work his mind. Then play and potty then back to work. 5:00 All Hemi all the time.

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      I am away from the house from 7:30 to 5:30, I go home on my lunch which is a hour. Nothing special. Obviously my evenings and weekends are completely consumed with the dogs

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      I work from Home and if i remember when GIGI was a pup my wife stayed at home. But gigi never pooped in the house ever even at 12 weeks when we got her. She would once in a while get excited and pee. So our potty training was to get her to pee outside. I can count may 4 to 5 times she has accident. She was only put in a crate when my wife went out which is not more than 2 hrs . That too we stopped at 5 months and let her do what she wants. Depends on how the pup is i guess. Gigi hated her crate and from 6 month as long we have some potty time every 6hrs was good.

      All day alone out of crate started at 8 to 9 months maybe .

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