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      Mac - half a happy birthday

      Aye Mates,

      My puppy MAC officially turns 6 months old today. I just posted an update on him two days ago stating his current status within his training program and how well he was coming along in that regard. MAC and I were training last evening on a local town park property, I had MAC on lead and was doing some obedience work with him at a location well over 100 yards away fro the parking area and any other patrons of said property using it at that time (approximately 7:00 PM). I train at this location frequently while doing obedience work so that I can work the dogs under distraction and at a location other than others that we frequently train at. I have never encountered any problems at this location previously until last night.

      There is a pavilion and a parking area located as stated over 100 yards from where we were training. I heard a guy yelling to recall a dog he had off lead and he was chasing the dog which was on a speedy course directly at me and MAC. The guy kept yelling "that's it, your done" to his dog, trying to recall him, with no compliance by his dog to his command. As the dog was closing in on us, I could easily read that we were about to encounter a highly aggressive attack. I positioned myself between MAC (on lead) and the approaching dog which appeared to be some kind of pit bull mix. The dog closed on us and began to viciously attack MAC as I repeatedly kicked the attacking dog while screaming at the owner to control his dog. The guy said I am trying to, but he was as useless as tits on a bull. I kicked the offending dog several times and and expected he might turn his aggression to me and leave MAC now in a totally submissive position on his back and screaming from the pain of several puncture wounds received to his flanks and a rather deep one to his front elbow. I screamed at the guy "get your f'-ing dog under control before I kill it". He grabbed his dog by the collar and started dragging it back toward the parking lot. He then said, "I am going to put my dog back in the car and then I am coming back here to settle this with you and kick your a$$"

      I returned with MAC to my SUV and secured him in his crate. I wanted to get back to the parking area and get a read on the marker plate on the guy's vehicle. As I was getting into my truck, the offending owner screams at me "On no, your not leaving, what are you a pu$$y"? I'll be 63 in two weeks, this guy was in his late twenties and I assure you he is beyond lucky at how much self restraint I conducted myself with. As I pulled up within 15 feet of his vehicle I visually recorded his marker plate and he left without any further words exchanged. I asked another guy sitting under the pavilion if he knew the guy and he said "yes, he just moved into my housing complex" and I asked him where that was located and I went there and found the subject vehicle parked. I double checked the marker plate and this time wrote it down.

      I took MAC home and visually inspected his puncture wounds and noted he was limping on one of his front legs. I told my wife I was going to report the matter to the State Police and Animal Control and did that with both agencies coming to my home to interview me last night. We photo-documented all of MAC'S injuries prior to the investigating agencies arrival at our home. I told them that I would be bringing MAC to be examined and treated for his injuries as soon as they left.

      The Trooper and ACO left after taking my report and I called my personal friend Dr. Michael Tulman who happens to be MAC'S veterinarian and the owner of AUTUMN (MAC'S dam). The good doctor lives just 10 minutes from me and agreed to meet me at his home which is another 1/2 hour west of where we live. Mike and his partner Kari met me at their home and KARI had prepared a makeshift "examination table" on an island counter top in their kitchen. Doc looked over MAC with great care and said he should have one of the puncture wounds closed and be started on antibiotics to prevent any infection along with a course of analgesics for treatment of pain and swelling. Doc, called the 24 hour emergency clinic and they told him it would be another two hours before any of the vets on staff could treat MAC as they were having a busy night. Above and beyond, Doctor Tulman and I loaded MAC in his Kari's van and he drove MAC and I out to the veterinary hospital and treated MAC personally. Dr. Tulman and his partner Kari (herself an attorney) both demonstrated incredible professionalism regarding the entire situation, expert care and compassion for MAC along with the regard that only comes from true friendship.

      So MAC is resting comfortably this morning and recovering from a rather stressful and traumatic night as he is ushering in the half year mark officially today. Kari will be providing me with legal counsel in seeking restitution for the veterinary treatment rendered to MAC. We are certainly blessed to have Doc and Kari in our corner and cherish their friendship beyond words.

      As for me, I'm just more than lucky I kept me cool and that I'm not sitting in a lock up awaiting arraignment this morning.

      Faugh A Ballagh,
      THE DOG WHISTLER 🍀🇮🇪🇺🇸
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      Scary situation in a lot of ways. I'm just happy it didn't end a lot worse for both of you. Give MAC a scratch from me, and tell him I hope he feels better soon.

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      Mike, I think I would have tried to kill the attacking dog. There is no way I could constraint myself. So glad you have the ability to do what is needed in a bad situation. That could have turned out to be a very, very bad evening for everyone.

      Terrible birthday for your Mac and you.

      Hoping both Mac and you will have a better day. And the authorities will do what is needed to the man.
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      Boy, that guy sounds like a real piece of work. That dog shouldn't have been loose. Damned stupid people.

      Hope Mac heals quickly with no residual mental scars.
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      Wow how scary and I can imagine your restraint. I really hope Mac feels better soon and am so glad you have friends like that in your corner.

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      Oh boy. How is Mac now? Hope that creep didn't take down your plate numbers too. Any word back from police?
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      So scary! So glad it sounds like MAC will recover physically OK. What wonderful friends you have - give them a big thanks from me.

      Please let us know how MAC is doing and the outcome of the incident.
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      Good heavens, I could hardly read the thread, fearing for MAC in such a vicious attack. I felt sick just reading about the encounter. Such ignorance on the part of the other dog's owner, acting as if you were the one at fault in this debacle. I'm glad you were able to get such quick medical attention for MAC and hope he heals fully in all aspects.

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      Oh my. Healing thoughts and prayers heading your way.

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      So sorry to read this!!!!! I hope you can get Mac out and about asap w/ nice dogs so he doesn't think his world is falling apart.
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