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    Thread: I'm back!!!!

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      May 2014
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      I'm back!!!!

      I haven't been on here in months work has gotten me busy hope everyone is well. Gauge and Benelli are doing well. Benelli anxiety was getting bad part was my fault bc my husband and me have been working crazy hours and he's def not getting as much exercise as he should plus it's been a rainy few months. I started him on pure hemp oil and hemp calming treats and he's so much better. I've been on vacation and the weather has actually been decent so he's gotten tons of time out to run and swim. I'm also slowly teaching him the treadmill for those rainy days. The other crew is doing well Mimi is training to be a therapy dog. Rico just turned 15 in May. Monster had a severe delayed reaction to the Rabies vaccine. He was really sick for two weeks and we didn't know what it was until he got a lump where the vaccine was given almost 2 weeks after the shot. His ears got all itchy and oozy then scabby and missing hair he had vomiting, diah, loss of appitite, and was lethargic. He also had lots of swelling in his face. The vet where I work just said it was allergies and didn't think the vomiting was related. Even when the lump appeared he said they couldn't have a Rabies reaction that far from when the shot was given. I know my baby and I looked it up and he had a lot of the symptoms he was even fly biting. I took him to another vet she actually used to be my vet when she worked with me, she just opened her own place and sure enough she said that's what it was. She gave him a steroid and called and checked on him. The Pres helped but his ears were really scabby so she put him on an antibiotic as well. He's now doing so much better and his ears are clearing up. No rabies vaccine for him anymore if needed she said she would write a note.

      I'm fostering a cute pup he's a Manchester terrier mix about 1 1/2 years old. He's been with me since April and in the rescue since December. He was with another foster but she had a lot of family stuff going on and couldn't handle his energy. He's much better now Mimi and him love each other. He's spunky and cuddly he hasn't had any interest tho. We do require him to have a fence bc he's allot of energy and needs to run. We don't require fences for every dog but he def needs to run. He would make a great agility dog hes super fast.

      Well I guess that's about it. I hope to be able to jump on more often now.

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      Nov 2014
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      Great to see you back. Looks like you have been very busy. Thanks for doing what you do

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      May 2014
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      Welcome Back! Hopefully life with slow down for you.
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      May 2014
      Carolina in my mind..
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      Glad to see you! Sounds like you have been crazy busy!

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      May 2014
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      wow you have been busy. Hope things slow down a bit for you. Thank you for fostering too
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