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      Maverick reacts to phrases.

      Do you want mummy to clean your ears?
      Do you want mummy to do your nails?
      Do you have to go poopy?
      Kennel time!

      And the click when the receiver and tv turn off means it’s kennel time.

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      I had a border collie when I was a teenager and one night I remember the family was sitting around watching tv when an actor said the words “psychological profile”. Max got up and went bonkers. We would bust it out every once in a while and he always went nuts. I think the middle of the phrase might sound like “go out” which was a big trigger phrase for him so it kind of made sense.
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      The only words that gets Katie hyped up are food words - treat, dinner, punky, cheese.
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      Fran ~ Oh, yeah...we have a lot of regular exciting words. Our latest to be recognized as such are Amazon and delivery. They weren't exciting right away but...ummmm….I get a lot of packages and they love delivery people.

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