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      Now THAT'S how you meet your neighbors

      We finally moved into our new house, but we hadn't yet seen the neighbors we'd briefly talked to when considering the place. These are the neighbors that have senior labs (all rescues). We saw the wife out playing fetch with the dogs yesterday so we wandered over to re-introduce ourselves. We chatted over the 4.5 foot fence and got to throw the ball for the dogs, including their current foster, a boxer mix. Then the dogs got into a scuffle over the ball. The wife was having some trouble getting the boxer off the oldest lab, so DH jumped over the fence and helped separate the dogs. All the noise brought out the husband, who was a bit confused as to all the noise and WHAT THE HECK WHO IS THIS STRANGE MAN IN THE BACKYARD. We got it all cleared up quickly, and we shared tips and tricks for breaking up doggie scuffles. They opened the gate so DH could exit without climbing over the fence.

      So far, I'm optimistic about getting along with these neighbors.
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      Great story! Thanks for sharing. I had new neighbors move in in January. I live in a suburb so houses are right next to each other. Little picket fence on one side, old rusty chain link on the other. New neighbors have a mastiff mix. He and Samson would try to get at each other by almost knocking down the fence. Every single time. I could get Samson under control but Riley, he was a bit of a challenge. One day it got a little out of control and they began playing and charging at the fence. Neighbor ran off the deck, her cell phone and glass of whatever went flying. ha. They tore down two wooden pieces and Riley almost managed to get through. Asher and Riley would run up and down the fence line. These neighbors practically LIVE in their backyard. Drove me nuts! Then the neighbors on the other side just love the boys. No matter how many times I'd plead when them not to reach over the fence to pet the boys yet again, hands over the fence. Boys would jump up on the rusty fence. Get their paws stuck in the rusty chain link fence. Sooooooo, in June, I had a 6ft privacy fence put up. I absolutely love it. No more craziness in the backyard with the neighbors. Riley's parents were relieved. The neighbors on the other side very disappointed. So happy I won't have backyard neighbor stories anymore.

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      What better way to get to know the neighbors than thru dogs!!
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      We live in a neighborhood with large 10 acre lots. One of the only lots without a home is the 10 acres that we border on one side. A local contractor recently bought the lot to build his retirement home. He and his adult sons have been working on the lot in their spare time, and one of the sons showed a few months ago with a yellow lab. Every time the son is there working the lab is there trotting around the lot chasing gophers and swimming in their pond.

      We have a simple wood pole fence between the lots, so dogs can easily walk back and forth between the lots. Well, the other day I had Thor our playing fetch and the other lab was out there across the 10 acres. They noticed each other at the same time, locked eyes, tails wagging madly, and made a beeline for the fence. The played and ran back and forth between our lots. The new lot owner wandered over to the fence to chat - and we decided that we can never replace that pole fence since the pups have clearly decided they are best friends.

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      Got to be great people having senior labs! And fostering, WOW.
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      Sounds like a good, encouraging meeting.
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