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      Coming in late but wanted to send off my Congratulations!! Henry is such an adorable puppy and am so glad that he and Lark are working it all out and will continue until they enjoy each others company.

      I started reading your post and after reading his name and the reason behind it have had Patrick Swayze singing that song from Ghost in my head now
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      omg how did I miss this thread! He is so cute, congrats

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      Just read this moments ago. Congratulations on the new pup and best o' luck with him.👍

      Mike 🍀🇮🇪🇺🇸

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      OMG Sue Henry is adorable. I just love him and lucky you. Bet Lark is a good big sis. I am jealous and shouldn't be with 3 dogs over here ��. Congratulations! ❤️❤️❤️
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      Wow I'm a little late to this post lol. He is adorable. Congragulations. How does lark like him?

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      Henry is nearly 5 months old now. Lark seems happy and energized to have him around. There are toys she hasn't paid one iota of attention to for more than a year and all of a sudden, now that Henry wants to play with one, it becomes her favorite long-lost toy. They both grab a toy and stand by the other's crate just waiting to mix it up when I'm let them out. Most of the time they try to bite onto the same toy and run around with it. That often devolves into Henry biting Lark's face/neck/ear which results in Lark pinning him down by the neck. And it's all done in near silence, like a silent roller derby in the house.

      Chase was much more tolerant of Lark when she was an annoying little puppy than Lark is with Henry. Chase never corrected Lark's biting and jumping so it's a bit nerve-wracking to see Lark pin Henry down and nibble on him, even though he jumps right up when he can and goes for her neck again. I'm glad he's now a bit larger and heavier and a less tender little morsel.

      No matter how long I let them play, they don't seem to tire out. To stop the fracas I either put up a baby gate to separate them or put one or both into their crates for a rest. They hadn't run around outside too much until recently because of Lark having shoulder tendonitis and Henry not being trained to the electric fence yet but I had them at the beach last week and they had a great time running around. We look forward to much more of this soon.

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