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      Puppy Diaries: 11 weeks old!

      Time is flying by! It's so interesting to see how much alike Kimber and Stormy are, and how they are different, leading DH and I to wonder how much of their personalities was built into the breed vs. individual developments. (Hope that makes sense- cold meds for the win.)

      We've started walking Stormy around the neighborhood, which she loves. She's become friendly with a neighbor dog named Sammy and the two have had brief chase sessions. I'm hopeful that getting her on the leash at an early age will make her a better leash walker than Kimber was. We have some big fields in the neighborhood with lots of interesting smells- and a big ditch for water that she's very keen to explore and we are keen NOT to, lol. So much mud!

      She's very food motivated. I'm going to up her food because she's looking skinny and seems a little desperate at mealtimes. She loved a bit of peanut butter in a kong yesterday, so tonight I'm going to try a frozen kong.

      She seems to know her name and "sit". Still luring her into down, paw, and leave it.

      She's much quieter in the crate at night, but screams bloody murder when we put it in her during the day. She doesn't like to be in it by herself (crate is in our bedroom). But after about 15 minutes, she goes to sleep, so progress!

      We pop her in the crate at about 10 pm, and she usually wakes up at 1:30 or 2 for an outing. The past two nights she's also whined at 3:30, and then again at 5 am. She pees each time, but I think the 3:30 is more a "I want out of the crate" than a desperate need to eliminate. I'll have to consider how to break that habit. (Nighttime pottying is strictly go outside, pee, verbal praise, back in the crate. No playing.)

      Knock on wood, she's not biting very much. When she gets the zoomies she does like to attack our pants and feet, but that's been easy enough to redirect.

      Potty training is still on us to take her out regularly. She doesn't really have a "tell"- it's more like she's playing, then suddenly runs to a different room to pee. No sniffing around or anything. So at least she recognizes she's about to pee, and that she shouldn't pee where she plays. Now if we could just get her to run towards the door! (PS I'd forgotten how often puppies poop and pee.)

      I think that summarizes our progress and areas to work on. She's still super cute and I pick her up and cuddle her often!
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      Sounds like Stormy is becoming one with her family. Good job on the training. Nothing like a new puppy to liven things up and keep you on your toes.

      "She's still super cute and I pick her up and cuddle her often!" As well you should as you are now her Mother and family, you BOTH need it!!

      I am SSSOOO glad you got her, you had to fill in that part of your heart that had a hole in it.
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      Sounds like things are going well! I don't know about early intro to the leash being helpful to better leash walking. Henry was great at first, now every sight, sound and smell has him pulling like a draft horse, a little 45-ish pound draft horse. Don't forget to try to get her accustomed to nail trimming or filing while she's still young. I thought I was going to do so much better this time around but alas...

      That Stormy sounds like a sweetheart!

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      Glad to hear Miss Stormy is settling in nicely!

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