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      Stormy's busy day

      Right after lunch, we went to puppy playgroup. (Photos are in the Puppy Pictures forum). Stormy had a blast chasing after and wrestling with her new buddies, a 5 month old pit mix who is about her size and Casey, a 5 month old lab who is significantly larger. It was noted by everyone that Stormy had no qualms about taking Casey on- and was fine with Casey sitting on her, lol. Casey and Stormy even did a little bitey-face, which made my heart happy.

      She slept pretty hard after that, but we roused her for an evening walk. And what a walk it turned out to be! We met up with Sammy, a neighborhood dog who is probably about 35 pounds and used to look HUGE next to Stormy. Now they chase each other around in Sammy's yard. Continuing down the street, we saw our neighbor Mike outside with his 9 year old lab and son. Mike assured us that Jet was good with puppies, so we brought Stormy into their yard where she did some sniffing with Jet. She was more interested in the son, though, as he was bouncing a ball. Interaction with young boy, check. Their cat came strolling out and so Stormy got her first meeting with a feline. They were about the same size, and Stormy bowed down when the cat hissed. Excellent. We met a few other neighbors as we were walking back to our house, so more new people interaction. And finally, she got to meet Grits, our neighborhood pig! We live in a suburban area and yeah, the pig just walks around. Grits is friendly and Stormy was very curious about the new friend.

      Not surprisingly, Stormy slept VERY well last night!
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      Sounds like she did really, really, well. So nice that she had such and interesting (and varied) outing.
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      What a fun day

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      Good job of socializing Stormy and what fun, playing with and meeting new friends and strange other creatures.
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      She even got to meet the neighborhood pig...lol! How many puppies get to meet a pig!

      Just curious, is it okay to have a puppy around other animals before they are fully vaccinated? Just a thought.

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      That's quite the day of being the social butterfly! Its fun to watch puppies with kids ... hard to tell who's having more fun. Keep up the good work Stormy.

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