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      Quote Originally Posted by Berna View Post
      Sending good thoughts for Benji. It's tough when they get old and one should be extra careful. Maybe start thinking about putting Benji on a joint supplement if you haven't already. Be extra careful with NSAIDs and watch him closely. Physical therapy may help too.

      Thanks for your kind words, Berna. Are there any supplements you recommend? The vet was quite impressed with his joints at the last physical ("Joints like a two year old!") but I know that's the kind of thing that can change quickly. They can't do any harm, only good right?

      And for NSAIDs, is it the risk of affecting kidneys/heart that I should look out for? We just got his recent bloodwork back and his kidney levels are back down to normal (creatinine/SPDM) which is a relief. The Previcox supply was only prescribed for 8 days, but the vet said we might consider switching to steroidal painkillers since his kidney levels have improved. She's not our usual vet though (last minute appointment and a week of surgeries for our usual vet) so I can't help but want a second opinion/more info LOL.

      Ben is doing much better today, which makes it harder in a way since I have to convince him that sleeping is better than playing fetch. It's a relief to see him a little more comfortable, though. It's been a few sleepless nights. Can't begin to tell you all how grateful I am for your support.

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      Did the vet do x-rays on his last physical? If not, I don't know how he could jump to that conclusion. Arthritis is not something that happens overnight, but rather during long(ish) periods of time and often goes unnoticed since dogs are very good at hiding pain.

      Some serious side-effects to watch with NSAIDs: nausea, vomiting (possible stomach ulcers), do bloodwork on liver values if used long-term.

      I wrote here about how I've been managing my dog's arthritis: CBD Oil for Dogs?

      Hope it helps!

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