The Dominion Riverrock festival was in Richmond last weekend. It's centered around outdoorsy events, like a mud run, trail riding, kayaking, etc., all right on the river. They even have air dogs, which is my favorite part. I wanted to see if Molly would do it, but she wasn't old enough. Next year though!!

Since this is a dog friendly event, we took Molly. She's never been to anything with this many people or other dogs before, so this was all very exciting for her. It was tons of walking, which we didn't think through very well. It's a lot for us, and by the time we parked and got down to the festival, Molly was wiped. We sat under a tree for a little while and gave her some water. Then we walked around an looked at some of the venders there, some of which had dog supplies, foods and treats. Everyone wanted to pet Molly and talk about how cute she is. Molly even got her first bully stick from a company that is located here in Richmond that sells them, and she loved it!

After spending a couple of hours there, hubby had enough. We learned we definitely need to work on Molly's leash walking skills. She does ok on a normal walk, but when she gets excited like that, she pulls like crazy! But all in all it was a fun day and Molly got to do something new, and meet lots of people and dogs. She was beat by the time we got home, and even into Sunday. We'll definitely go back next year!