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    Thread: Crashing around

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      May 2014
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      Crashing around

      Yesterday Henry and Lark were out in the yard while I was picking up sticks and limbs from a wind storm. As usual they're sniffing, running, chewing. At one point I see Henry run up to/into Lark to show her this great stick he found. Lark lets out a loud cry and is standing there holding one of her front legs up and she didn't want to put weight on it to come back into the house. Still not wanting to walk on that foot this morning, I took her to the vet to get checked out. I started to say, "Yesterday Henry and Lark were out in the yard..." and the vet finished the sentence saying, "...and Henry was crashing around." Yes, you know my dogs well!

      Fortunately, it's "just" a badly sprained and swollen toe, not broken. If she were human, it would be her left index finger. Less fortunately, we'll be playing the crate shell game for the next maybe 2 weeks or so until the sprain heals.

      Crashing around, an apt description! Oh, Henry!

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      Well I am glad it was not more serious. Lol that your vet knows your dogs so well made me smile

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      Poor Lark! Crate time is no fun. Poor Henry, because he won't have her to play with for a bit. And poor you, because both of them are probably going to be a handful!
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      Hopefully Lark will heal up quick!

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