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      How Many BAD, BAD Words Can I Say Here?

      I could curse and swear. I could cry. Not Oban

      Oban was waiting in my car while I talked with a nice man, caretaker there, in the parking lot. Turned out we know a lot of people in common. While we talked an ATV came in and we both turned to look and we both saw a dog in the open back FALL OUT. She went SMACK on the pavement. They were not going fast but fast enough the dog was at the end of her leash, lying on the parking lot, before they got stopped. And the dog just laid there.

      I rushed over, I had my car, if she needed to see the Vet I could take her. The woman jumped out, got the poor old Boxer girl up, felt her all over, decided she was ok. The man/driver got the other, younger looking, Boxer out and off they went for their planned walk.

      The caretaker man and I talked for a good while and they still weren't back. Their old dog just fell out of an ATV onto hard pavement, had the breath knocked out of her, if not injured, and they're still walking.

      The man and I both cursed a bit and I drove home alternating between thinking of curses to apply to those two stupid people and feeling like I might cry for the poor old dog. I'm still pretty upset.
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      We understand...that's upsetting even to just hear about. Poor dog. And you know they'll allow it to happen again (wonder if that was the first time). You can't fix stupid.
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      Gah!!!! That is simply awful. I sure hope that poor pup is okay. Poor baby.

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      Sadly, you can't fix stupid.

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      This is aweful

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