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      Working The STORM

      Aye Mates,

      I have been training with STORM, a black standard poodle that will be coming into his 2nd year this fall. STORM is out o' highly regarded field bloodlines and I have viewed him as a "diamond in the rough" since first evaluating his potential last June. STORM was nearly nine months old when I first agreed to work with him and he came with more than a fair amount o' baggage specific to negative behaviors that needed to be addressed, those seemingly resulting from owner error and not intentional. Situations o' these circumstances are not uncommonly experienced by trainers, some being up to the challenge, others refusing to deal with them all together. I must admit STORM intrigued me as I had not previously worked with the breed and viewed STORM as an interesting test o' me training skills.

      STORM ~ Gun dog / hunt test prospect is viewed on the training table holding a freshly thawed mallard. Our session today began with a number of obedience related drills both on-lead and off-lead during which STORM was required to carry the bird whilst not exhibiting any dysfunctional mouthing habits. When I first began working with STORM he literally had very poor obedience and was completely destructive with items he was allowed to play with or carry. STORM is a much different lad now, funny how "WHISTLER BOOT CAMP" shapes and rebuilds the recruit.

      STORM has been back with me since May 1st and his progress made has been remarkable, a sure testimony to his intelligence. I am a Labrador Retriever man from head to toe having loved everything about the breed for nearly four decades. Had anybody suggested I would ever have enjoyed working with a poodle, I likely would have considered them crackers. I would not have been more wrong. This lad STORM has a special place in me heart and I thoroughly enjoy training with him. He does cause me to think outside o' me more standard methods applied, but that just opens me to becoming a better, more flexible, and more well versed trainer. Thank ye STORM, I really do appreciate ye help in that regard.👍

      THE DOG WHISTLER ☘️🇮🇪🇺🇸

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      Hee hee….Poodle with a bad hair day.

      Before I read the post, I thought that was perhaps a very slender curly coated retriever.

      Good job, Storm and Mikey.
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      Sometimes you just gotta go with what ya got! STORM certainly has come a log way!

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      I would have never in my life thought of a poodle as a hunter! That's great, he must be a real head turner.

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