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      When Brooks was 9 months old we did 3-4 small (5-10 minutes) obedience sessions per day, and we'd go to the local park and do field training once per day. Also did two leash walks around the neighborhood, about 20 minutes. He and Sophie would wrestle pretty much every time I put them out in the yard.

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      Quote Originally Posted by smartrock View Post
      So many dogs hump, including neutered females, you'd think a doggy daycare would have the skills to deal with that behavior. Are they concerned that he's humping and not neutered or do they kick out every dog that humps? Seems like they'd have a rather limited clientele. My daughter's female dog humped other dogs and she was neutered at 4 months of age. Henry occasionally tries to hump Lark but he's been corrected so many times, by us, not by her, that he's trying that much less frequently. I'm not certain how Henry is with other dogs off leash although he does go to a kennel occasionally where they do play times with other dogs and I've never been told he has a humping issue. I used the same kennel with our previous lab who was not neutered until he was 3 years old, Henry isn't neutered, and they don't seem to have a problem with their behavior or neutering status. Is there another DDC close enough for you to try again?
      I know, you’d think. Surprisingly, the place where I went allowed intact males, but apparently he was over-the-top with energy and was humping all the dogs. They felt like he was going to become a target because he was annoying all the other dogs in his play group. They kept giving him time-outs in the crate in the yard, but it didn’t settle him down. I wasn’t there to see how they tried to handle it, but I do wish he had learned from the other dogs when they wanted him to stop. It’s so hard to teach him that myself and I really believe dogs need to learn from other dogs how to play.

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      Today we walked in a different part of the neighborhood and met a 4 year old chocolate male lab who was thrilled to play with Stormy! Truth be told, he’s a bit of a “flabrador” so he was worn out after 10 minutes of chase, but being in a new yard, meeting a new friend, and getting to meet new people was fun for Stormy. She had a brief zoomie phase after a post-walk nap, but she was less wound up than last night.
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      This has been a good thread to read, great contributions!

      Right now we're working on door manners. Our laundry room is between the kitchen and the door to the fenced backyard, and is quite tiny. We let Fitzi and Lucy tend to crowd the door and sometimes it has been difficult for us to get to the door. Moreover they might sometimes bang into us to barge through the open door.

      So we are working on putting them in a sit-stay at the kitchen/laundry room doorway, with the outside door open, until we are out of the way and say 'OK!'. Then we hope to progress to their holding the sit-stay until we are completely outside.

      Small, progressive steps . . .
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