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      Geez, I Scared a Little Kid Today

      A cute as can be little boy, maybe 3 years old, asked if he could pet Oban. I warned he and his mother that Oban was wet but they went ahead. "ooooh, he's soft," said the little boy, with a great, big smile at me. Just then I noticed what Oban was sniffing at on the ground was a cigarette butt; and he scarfed it up. I said, I didn't yell, but I was quite firm, DROP IT. And the poor little boy yanked his hands back and his cute little face got all worried and scared and puckered up and I felt so badly. I explained but he was too young to understand.
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      oh my gosh- I did the same thing to my 2 year old grandson- He was petting Lucy & she picked up his ball and I yelled drop it & scared the poor kid!

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      Aww, so funny. Several years ago on one of our beach vacations, Samson was on the couch by my niece about to rip out a couch button. I yelled over at him "That is enough!" Scared her to death. She was 7 at the time. I've trained her well ....I'll hear her say "That is enough right now!" hah

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