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    Thread: OMG I had fleas

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      Senior Dog
      sheltieluver's Avatar
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      May 2014
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      OMG I had fleas

      I've owned multiple pets for many years never had I had fleas. The beginning of the week I found bites on my stomach I'm like those look like flea bites. Saw Gauge scratching checked all the dogs didn't find anything. Didn't see any thING on the cats either. Took the kittens in to work and found fleas 1 on Tux and a few on Henrietta. I guess they picked them up at my work. We have a client whose cats are always loaded with fleas.

      Went into panic mode bc I know how fast those little buggers multiply. Got flea spray from the vet (syphatrol sp?) Capstar for everyone. The dogs are on setinal but it only sterilizes the eggs so I had Frontline I use for ticks put that on them. Flea combed everyone found 4 total on two of my 6 cats.

      Was up til 1230 am washing bedding spraying and vacuuming. Next day got Frontline for the cats and put that on vacuumed again. I think they started in the kitten room so I put dishes with soap in them and got one. In another week I'm going to re spray. I flea combed everyone yesterday and didn't find anything.

      I was so itchy just thinking about them. Hopefully I caught it in time.

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      Aug 2014
      New Orleans
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      Good luck....dealing with the same.

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      House Broken
      dogmom's Avatar
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      May 2014
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      Fleas are the worst. Sorry you had all that work to get rid of them. I am sure you managed to stop the spread. Yucky things.

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      POPTOP's Avatar
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      May 2014
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      Keep at the vacuuming, especially around baseboards. Sounds like you caught them early.

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      Bamps's Avatar
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      May 2014
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      Nasty little pests aren't they.

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      Meeps83's Avatar
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      May 2014
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      We went through the same thing when we "adopted" 2 young kittens. I noticed it at the home as we were playing with them so we brought them in anyway. We held them in the bathroom (all hard surfaces) for 2-3 weeks. They stayed in there a week past the last flea I saw. They were bathed in just warm water (too young for flea bath) and combed with a flea comb. The dogs were treated with Frontline Plus so I wasn't worried. Eventually we saw fleas throughout the house. On the furniture in the carpet...etc. We did foggings and bleachings and everything I could think of. Finally we called the Orkin man. Turns out there's this bug called a Spring Tail that looks like a flea but it isn't. He said they liked damp, dark, earth. Long story short, we went thru h e double hockey sticks for about 2 months for a stupid little bug that wasn't even a flea like we thought.

      I don't wish fleas on anyone, but hopefully the story brought you a little smile

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