When asking about a specific breeder please do not post names but rather a general thread that you need help finding a breeder or need information on a certain breeder and somebody will be by to help you out. You can carry on your conversation in private via the PM system or email.

Basically when a breeder good or bad sees a thread on a public forum slamming them I get the email from them or a lawyer threatening to sue me for liable. Of which I return the email stating that I cannot be sued because I personally said nothing slanderous or libelous about them and there is a court ruling in the favour or website owners and hosts that protect what users post.

You all can be sued for you say and there are lots of court cases. A couple of notable ones here in Canada where the breeder successfully sued for things said on a public website such as this.

So, I allow members to ask about breeders but to ask for your specific conversations to take place in private or via email. It's less of a headache for everybody.

So what do you do when you are looking for a reference on a breeder you found or don't even know where to start?

You can put out a message that you need help, and folks can PM you for the name.

There are a few breeders and "involved" dog show folks that you can PM for assistance (I being one of them).

Remember, you can do alot of foot work on your own:
1. Find a breed club in your area: Regional Club Directory - The Labrador Retriever Club, Inc.
From there, you can review the breeders each club site may list in THEIR breeder section.
2. Find a breeder in your area: Find a Breeder - The Labrador Retriever Club, Inc.
3. Review materials available on how to choose a breeder:
a. Selecting A Puppy - The Labrador Retriever Club, Inc.
b. Puppy Checklist
c. Clearances for Labs
4. For those that prefer the Field lab, this might be a place to start: RetrieverTraining.net - The COMPLETE Online Retriever Training source.

If I have missed anything, please feel free to add as you see fit! Hopefully this will alleviate some problems going forward.

Just remember, whether you prefer the traditional style Labrador or the Field Labrador, the criteria for choosing should be the same.


Here are a few links that might be helpful for you!
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Labrador Retriever Club of Canada Membership

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