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      LOL, we did this with Jet too. If I told her to get a visitor's shoes she could unerringly find them and take them to that person. I always said I should come up with some hand signal that I could give in secret so I could tell her to do this when I wanted the company who overstayed their visit to go home. There you go folks, an idea for you.

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      That's a thoughtful guy. Good boy, Jake.

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      macon mo.
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      Great Idea Woodrow_Woodchuck Expanding on his dedication to service is exactly what he needs, because he always right next to me looking at me straight in th eye wanting something to do. So far the checkers at the store are all very nice about him carrying things to them but I always offer and hold it for them to scan just in case. Thanks for the idea I will definately be doing that, if I can get the wife on board; she already thinks I'm a little over board with this dog.

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