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    Thread: Dognition

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      I thought I'd start a new thread on this because it is SO INTERESTING. Oban and I did the assessment games and he's been reassessed because I screwed up one of the games so the the people at Dognition kindly redid his profile. He's a Charmer.

      I am also taking the course on Dognition through Duke University and I think many of you would be very interested in it too. Here is a snippit from week 7 lessons:


      The course is free, unless you want a certificate. The free course gives you the first two assessment games for free and then a price break on the rest of them. OR, you could hint and someone could give you this for Christmas. Or you could give it to them. I really think you'd like it. I'm sorry to sound like I'm shilling for them, I'm not, I'm just really captivated by the whole thing. I bought the book too, you don't have to. If it's the course that interests you most you don't have to do the games either, then it would be absolutely free.

      These are the assessment games: Dognition | Find the Genius in Your Dog

      This is the Duke course: https://www.coursera.org/learn/dog-e...n/home/welcome

      I'm already enrolled so I hope the link shows you how to enroll.

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      May 2014
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      I just passed the course. 28 correct out of 29. There were quizzes all the way along too, which had to be passed to continue.

      It was all very informative. Maybe more so to me that some of you as Oban is the only dog I've ever really trained to any extent. Though one of the findings was that people usually did not guess correctly at how their own dog would perform all the time.

      Here's one nugget I found fascinating. You can do too many repetitions of a training exercise to the point the dog is unable to solve a similar but new problem, he will repeat what he did over and over that worked before. Dogs that did fewer repetitions were more successful on a new but similar problem. Now of course this was a particular example and I don't want to give it away by telling you exactly how they found this out.

      REally folks, hint to someone they should give you this for Christmas. Or the course I just passed was free. I'm not going to pay for the certificate.

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