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    Thread: Dog Vacations?

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      May 2014
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      We have travelled with and without our dogs. Our boarding kennel is great; we completely trust the operator. I also trust the sitter who stays in our home that we have begun using. We are so fortunate to have the choice.

      We took a three week road trip to Texas two years ago with our seniors Achilles and Stella. Doing extensive research about lodging and activities helped result in an almost flawless trip.

      I don't know the Outer Banks so can't offer specific recommendations. So for the moment I'll only offer a few general ideas.

      Travelling during an off season is beneficial. Less crowded and generally lower prices.

      If you need to stay at a hotel during your trip - La Quinta is our preferred chain. Every one we have stayed at has been pet friendly with no deposit, clean, reasonably priced, with an included breakfast (of varying quality).

      Most Interstate highway rest areas have designated pet and non-pet areas. When we stop for a longer break we sometimes use non-pet areas especially if shade is an issue, making a point to be discreet, choosing a picnic table well away from other tables and gathering areas as well as leashing our dogs to the table. Though we have never been asked to relocate we have been ready and willing to.
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      Colorado mountain hikes were fun with Max. I used to stay at a motel in Greeley that was pet friendly, but they have since changed their policy. I do know that on some of the booking sites they will tell you if pet friendly or not. Some of the cafes in Colorado City, Estes, etc have outdoor tables where you can have your dogs with you. Always kind of fun to window shop the little quirky tourists stores, go to a cafe and have a little drink and bonus! you get a tired out pup who will sleep if you decide to skip out of the room to catch a movie.

      Besides that, I lived on the gulf coast for a bit when Max was young, and some of the towns on the Texas coast are very small, not many people on the beach during the weekday. Matagorda Beach was the one we lived near, and there were no restrictions. We also pitched a tent on the beach at Port Aransas with no issues. I actually am hoping to be able to take Moose down to the Texas coast sometime before long. My preference would be in an RV, maybe renting one for a week or so. (I can only image what kind of deposit they'll require tho ). Maybe I should just sell my Mustang and buy a small RV!

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      I love to tent camp with my fur kids. I leave them on a 30 ft leash. I really don't like to off leash in new places. There are some great pet friendly hotels all over the country. I prefer the little inns or rent a cottage. I love being in the mountains

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      Red roof inn has pet rooms and also do not charge extra for pets. The other places charge extra.

      Mr.kleb. You can tow a small popup with the mustang. A light one ... My first one was like that a car towable.

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      Quote Originally Posted by Mr Kleb View Post
      If you need to stay at a hotel during your trip - La Quinta is our preferred chain. Every one we have stayed at has been pet friendly with no deposit, clean, reasonably priced, with an included breakfast (of varying quality).
      Second the la quinta reccomendation! We don't usually stay at hotels during our vacations, but if we stay at one on the way somewhere, we always go with la quinta for the same reasons that Mr Kleb posted above.
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