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      House Broken
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      Does anyone else play daily newspaper BOGGLE! ?

      About 8 months ago, I looked at working the daily crossword puzzle that appeared in my newspaper but didn't take to the "hints" or whatever the suggestion of the proper word is called.

      But near it on the same page, every day but Sunday, a daily Boggle word puzzle appears. I tried it and liked it and didn't do too bad getting a good score. I became hooked and now do it every time it appears -- 6 days a week.

      The one in the Topeka Daily Capital-Journal that I get has a 4 x 4 square of letters -- words are formed by starting at any one place and choosing any letter adjacent (above, below, side, or diagonal) to the first letter chosen. The letter in any square can be used only once in forming each word.

      For instance, the one that appeared Dec. 21st, 2015, was:

      F E L C 3 letter words = 1 pt; 4 letter words = 2 pts; 5 letter words = 3; 6 letters = 4; 7 = 6; 8 = 10; 9+ = 15
      N A R O
      R O T S

      Scoring levels are:

      11-20 = amateur; 21-30 = rookie; 31-60 = gamer; 61-100 = pro; 101 - 150 = expert; 151+ = champ

      Does anyone else do this same daily puzzle? I'd LOVE to be able to compare results.

      There is the Boggle game with alphabetical dice by HASBRO. This daily newspaper version is made by David Hoyt & Jeff Knurek. They also have a changing daily challenge to find certain words -- this day's was to find 5 birds in the grid of letters. (They were SWAN, WREN, CROW, FALCON, PARROT)
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      I discontinued our daily print paper but it didn't have Boggle in it anyway. A local weekly that did have it stopped being printed, so I can't even do it weekly any more. It's funny how some games appeal to certain people more than others. My mother loves cryptograms and I don't have the patience for those. The NY Times recently started having a daily mini-crossword- 5 clues across, 5 clues down. My challenge, to myself, is to see how fast I can finish it (online). I love Sudoku but haven't really gotten hooked on any of the other number games. Word or letter games, bring 'em on! I wonder if there's a website that publishes your same daily Boggle online somewhere?

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