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      Years ago, doing more Lab rescue than I can do now, a vet who helped us at very low cost advised us to NOT take female dogs for the assembly line spay. Some of the places use new grads to get surgery experience. She thought it was fine for male cat neuters, as they are relatively fast and easy to do, with the animal not under for very long, even with a green vet.

      I would also encourage you to wait longer after the heat: February will still be in the time when she could be in false pregnancy, even lactating. It is not a good time for elective surgery when her body is already under stress. I would push the surgery off one or more months, at least.

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      I would talk to someone who has had it done in your area with them. My sister had her dog (female) altered at one of them and she was just fine.

      But she did look into it and talked to several people who had taken their pet there to have it done. She said all she heard were good things about them. I'm sure they differ in different areas, but yes I would look into it and then decide. Hope that helps some.

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      Even our low cost neuter here is like $200 :P Regular vet (without driving out an hour) would be $500-600 (plus tax) here for a spay/neuter of a large dog.

      It's a personal choice. agree with considering if it puts out someone who truly cannot afford to spay/neuter otherwise. It's a straight forward surgery and if you pup is healthy there should be no issues. Not sure what kind of aftercare they would provide (if any) but even if you have to go to your own vet for a quick follow-up should anything come up (nothing serious that is) you'd still be saving money.

      ETA: agree with asking around to find people who used the service and get some feedback. I fostered and many of our fosters were done at shelters and other and while all ended up fine....some of the suture jobs were not pretty and took longer to heal. nothing major just annoying.

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      well tomorrow is the day. opted for local spca. she will be 17 months old. spent weekend in swamp in georgia swimming and retrieving and just running through woods. made it happy and fun. I wor from home so I will be home with her as she recovers.

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      Hope all goes well!

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