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      Back leg seizes up

      My lab is 2 1/2 and his back leg has started seizing up. We thought he had injured it about a month ago and it seemed to heal but now this seizure issue is back and is happening more often. Wondering if this is a symptom of when they tear the ligament in their knee? Or is it something else?

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      Do you mean he’s having a muscle spasm in the leg or that it gets stiff? I don’t know if it can be a sign of a knee injury, but when my male injured a muscle in his groin (illiopsoas) he did have muscle spasms in the area for the first few weeks of the healing process. The muscles in the leg would suddenly become tight and rigid and it was clearly painful for him, but would resolve in minutes.

      If you mean that he is stiff when he gets up, that can be either sore muscles or degenerative changes in a joint, which could be from a knee injury.

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      Does anyone know if dogs can get focal seizures?

      Sounds to me like a vet should be looking in to this.

      Edit: Yep. According to the internet they can have focal seizures.

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      I'd like more explanation in re "seizes up." At first it sounds like the dog is stiff or goes lame, but the second usage ("seizure") sounds ... like a seizure, not like lameness or injury.

      Kari, could you clarify? My dog just went through a CCL tear, surgery, and recovery (well, we're close to three months post op, so recovery continues, but she's doing wonderfully), so I am quite familiar w/ knee and leg issues right now.

      However, yes—no matter what is being described, you should consult a Vet.
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      With a back leg that seizes up, my first thought is patella. It can lock the knee and need to be "moved" to get loose again.

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