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      Puppy with Pneumonia

      Hi, we just recently bought a chocolate lab (shes 2.5 months) last Saturday at a petland. Before getting her they took her out and we played with her. She was acting as a puppy should, jumping and playing. We took her home. On sunday we realized she was coughing and gagging and did not want to play or walk. Monday we took her to the vet and she's been there since. Now they are telling us we should consider letting her go. She looks really bad, skinny and does not want to eat. They are giving her oxygen treatment but saying she is getting worse.

      Does anyone know of any other possibly treatments that might work.

      Thank you

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      How heartbreaking for you. I'm guessing she's getting an antibiotic, if they think it's bacterial? She's been in the hospital for a week now? I haven't had to deal with a puppy with pneumonia so aside from oxygen, antibiotics, fluids and other supportive care, I don't have any other answers. My very best wishes to you and your puppy, please let us know what happens.

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      It’s quite possible she has pneumonia secondary to canine influenza as there’s been an outbreak in FL this summer. If so, supportive care, (oxygen, IV, etc.) and antibiotics are really the only treatments as the main cause is viral (although the pneumonia could be a secondary bacterial infection).

      Very sorry this is happening to your baby.

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      So sorry for your puppy. Sending healing prayers.
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      Oh, dear.....sending along lots of hugs, positive thoughts & prayers that your puppy will be o.k! Please keep us posted......

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      Sorry to hear about your pup. Pet store are notorious for selling sick dogs, are they going to refund your money?

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      How is your pup doing today?
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      Yes how is your pup? My youngest had a cross between canine influenza virus and kennel cough when he was 3 months old. It was scary, but nothing like what you're going thru. Hoping today she is better!

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      This is heartbreaking Im sorry you are going through this.

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      Quote Originally Posted by Jollymolly View Post
      This is heartbreaking Im sorry you are going through this.
      I agree. Everyone should have a sounding board w/ their breeder for this sort of early developing health issue. The pet store providers don't care, unfortunately. Anne
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