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      Sep 2014
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      Remington has a wart on his foot near his pad

      How do you get rid of them? it looks like it got a little bigger the DR said they run in families of dogs, I forgot the name begins with a P..but what do you think I should do???

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      Is DR one of those abbreviations with which I'm not familiar....or is it Dr. as in vet? I'd be asking the vet for confirmation that it's just a wart (if this hasn't been done) and what to do about it. Something near the pad could easily be irritated and should maybe be removed even if it's something as benign as a wart.
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      No experience with this but wanted to throw this out. Could it be an interdigital cyst? Could the "p" word be a papilloma?
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      As far as how you get rid of them. The vet. The vet need to make sure it is a wart and not something else. My sisters lab had one, or so she thought for the longest time it was actually skin growing over a thorn or a splinter stuck in between his toes. She really felt bad when she learned that as we have all had that and know it hurts but he was young and didn't show any signs of irritation.

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      My Tootsie and Sarah have both had the lump/cyst on their toes next to the paw pad. they were both checked out by a vet and thankfully just turned out to be cyst. A round of antibiotics took care of Sarah's' but Tootsie had to have surgery to remove it, if you wait too long and it gets to big they doctor will have a hard time finding enough skin to close the area.

      If your vet is just telling you it is nothing not to be concerned with it I would get a second opinion, that is just me. I hope you find out what is going on and Remington foot heals quickly.
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