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      Quote Originally Posted by janedoe View Post
      My only input would be that our holistic vet is very concerned about the quality of the ingredients in Denamarin and put ours on Livco from Standard Process. It sounds like you have addressed so many possible liver stress factors. I'm sorry this is happening.
      Thanks, Lisa. I'll see what my vet has to say. (I love that you always seem to have a holistic recommendation for things!!!) Danny actually likes the Denamarin, it doesn't have any side effects, it's recommended by our vet, and it helped Sunnie many years ago. I know rosemary has been linked to seizures so I've always avoided it to the extent possible...the concern seems to be all over the map but I've always erred on the side of "maybe not a good idea to test". It's already way down on the list of ingredients in the pups' food (and so many foods I've looked at).

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      Good thoughts being sent!

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      Quote Originally Posted by SunDance View Post
      I wonder if it's the same with dogs as with humans...if you don't drink enough water, your veins are pretty crappy for this purpose...per the vampire who drew Bob's blood one time. I'm not sure if "crappy" was the official term.
      It is - dehydration causes issues with getting into a vein. I learned this at the vet I've been working at for the last year; my Dad had this very issue, and I realized, in hindsight, it was probably due to dehydration.

      Lucy was on a Vetri-Science product called Gluta-DMG for liver support, and her liver values would go up when we were running low and had to cut back her daily dose until we could get more. She was on the tablets, until they stopped making those, then I had her on the powder. It doesn't look like the powder is being made any more, I don't know if there is another company making it.

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