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      I could add a story to the CCL tears and recovery sticky

      However, it wouldn't let me "bump" a thread more 180 days old. Maybe the joys of being a pup again on the board, but if mods want to stick this thread in there it is totally applicable.

      Abby in 2013 while playing ball with her in the backyard, she stepped into a little hole/indentation on the surface. Unfortunately, I watched it tear. She laid down, it took 10 minutes to get her in the house limping. She stayed inside limping during the day away from puppy play ( at the time of Lacy ). I called some vets, went in for two visits/estimates of $2800-3500 depending on how things go.

      I was devastated. This girl had won my heart, there had to be another way... On my route back home I passed a new vet surgery center that had just opened. I walked in and staring at my was a life size paiting on a tall black dog on the docs shoulders. I attempted the first time to talk with the receptionist, but lost it. I asked to be excused. Later on, the vet tells me that after scans, there is nothing left of her right CCL, he said he could do a "tight rope" procedure where he basically takes a material stronger than Marine fishing line and join the two bones together at the knee. All the while, injecting plasma into her knee tissue area, 8 weeks of anitbiotics, and he did for less than than $1300. I was overjoyed, she slowly started walking again. It's more mental for the dog for a while, just be patient- I would quickly learn.

      A few weeks went by.........and she tore her left CCL. I rushed her to the doctor, he said that it was so unfortunate to have both go out within 3 months of each other. Needless to say, he showed some mercy on me with his operation. However, the 2nd healing process took 2x as long. Abby was just getting used to putting pressure on that right leg. She's a tall, lanky retriever, but I managed to pick her up more times than I can remember until she got both feet under her. I have all the pictures of her shaved rear legs and all, poor thing. It took a good year and a half before she was "scampering" after a squirl. However she knows her limitations now, she just doesn't realize that our days of throwing the tennis ball for 45 minutes straight are done.

      Happy to have her walking and wagging, on supplements but no pain medication at age 9. She seems to be doing ok for age now, just enjoying retirement.

      Hope this post helps someone, it is tough. Especially dealing with two CCL tears. You will get there though, you'll get back some years of irreplaceable enjoyment. The things we do for these Labs that we love so much. Amazing.
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