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      I too wanted to say how sorry to hear of your loss. 13 years, I would give you an A+ for giving her a long, wonderful and loving life. I have never had a dog live that long.

      Please do not doubt yourself that you could have done more or sooner or better. You did what you thought was right for your girl, and you did!

      Rest gently now sweet girl, no pain when you are across The Bridge playing in the beautiful meadows with our pups.
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      Our condolences to you and your family. It seems you did everything possible for your girl and that she lived a long and wonderful life with you.
      Run free young lady.


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      Thank you guys so much. I know in my heart it was bound to happen, but I'm really struggling as I read more and more.

      The emergency vet never gave her a preventative seizure medicine, they only treated her as they happened in the ER. Because of that, she had a final massive seizure that likely caused brain damage and killed her. It's unclear why they didn't immediately put her on a longterm seizure medicine - the vet we worked with was worried she'd be lethargic and not herself, which doesn't seem like a good reason to allow her to keep having seizures.

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      I don't think vets usually start anti-seizure medicine after only one seizure and you said she'd just been twitchy at the first emergency vet visit. It's a life-long commitment and they'd have wanted to do a more thorough work up before starting her on anti-seizure medicine to try to determine the cause, even when a cause cannot always be found. JenC has a sweet dog who has been having seizures, maybe she'll comment on when meds were started.

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      I am sorry for your loss, especially under such circumstances. There isn't anything else you could have done. Even if they had given anti-seizure meds it may not have given her more time.

      sometimes we just don't know exactly what it was and we have to find peace in that we did all we could have given the situation. I've had to make peace with that myself after loosing my dog at 3 when her heart stopped

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      Quote Originally Posted by smartrock View Post
      JenC has a sweet dog who has been having seizures, maybe she'll comment on when meds were started.
      The typical go-to med for seizures in Phenobarbital, and it can take 3 weeks to build up in the system to be of any use. When you are dealing with an old dog, the disease behind the symptom of seizures is usually something more severe like a tumor or lesion. Daily meds probably wouldn't have solved the problem. You also can't really rely on the ER to provide daily meds, having been to the ER 2x with Wrigley's recurring seizures, we're always instructed to follow up with our vet.

      I'd have to go back and re-read your accounting of what happened. The ER is mostly good for stopping long seizures that can lead to brain damage, usually with something like Valium. But they don't treat or help you much with the management of the disease causing the problems.

      The honest truth is that it was probably already too late to do anything to save your dog. Animals are so hard to treat in that they can't tell you things are wrong.
      Jen & Tickle!
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      I am so sorry for your loss. You must be in shock since it was so sudden, even though she was an older dog and you were lucky to have her for 13 long years.

      Only an autopsy could give you answers, my suspicion would be cancer, and I doubt there was anything else you could have done for her.

      Again, I am really sorry for your loss.

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