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    Thread: Diabetes ?!!

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      Diabetes ?!!

      Hi all definitely need some advice. My 6 year old yellow male has just been diagnosed with diabetes. He had a physical in July and all blood work was normal. He had some limping issues and was prescribed deramaxx. He is taking a low dose everyday. The past two days he has been drinking water non stop and going to the bathroom 3 times at once just to empty. I brought him to the vet and his glucose levels were very high in the 300s . He said they should be around 100. He is getting insulin injection right now and following up with the vet every week for awhile. I asked if it could be caused by deramaxx he said no that usually causes bad girl symptoms. He does not have really any acting fine otherwise. Anyone else have a dog with diabetes.

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      Not me, but a friend’s Lab they had years ago was diabetic. They were able to manage him at home with regular insulin shots (that they gave) and he did quite well.

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      I don't think it's the deramaxx. Dogs with diabetes can lead pretty normal lives though.

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      Just like people everyone, every dog reacts differently to different drugs. I do know personally that Deramaxx can cause all kinds of problems even death in dogs. Jack, my sisters lab, it ate a hole in the stomach lining in a week of taking it after 12 surgeries trying to repair it they had to let him go. My mother went through 26 blood pressure medications before she found one that didn't cause all kinds of weird side effects. My boy Hemi when young had horrible diarrhea, they just kept saying it was irritable bowel syndrome. Kept treating it with the same medications. We went to another vet, he said stop all medications then we tried a new one. It went away and never came back. You need to make sure that he is taking Deramaxx correctly as it should always be taken with food, a full belly in fact so with breakfast or supper.

      So anyway, my point is, yes it could be.
      Increased water intake is listed as a side effect of Deramaxx per the FDA. Also all kinds of digestion issues. The other thing is Hyperthyroidism can be caused by Deramaxx. Which guess what, your thyroid gland regulates blood sugars. Usually though this also sees high cholesterol but not always. The only way to know for sure is to stop taking it and test again in a week or so. Talk to your vet, tell him you want to stop it and see. Worst case, he gets his limp back for a while. You find out it is not it and well you know for sure. Best Case you find out it was causing it and you go to a different medication for pain and you probably saved your dogs life.
      Deramaxx - FDA prescribing information, side effects and uses

      And another good article. While I am for always following your vets advice. Sometimes you need to speak up and challenge it.
      Deramaxx Killed My Best Friend Amy Writes

      Oh and on the other side I do know Deramaxx has been very beneficial to a lot of people and dogs. The same sister that lost a lab to it, also had another dog live a semi-active life up to the age of 15. So it can help. Just anytime you are on new medications and other weird unusual changes happen. Don't hesitate to rule out the medications.
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      No advice on the Deramaxx but I used to dog sit a lab with diabetes many years ago. I had to give her insulin shots and it was really a non issue. She lived a long, uncomplicated life.

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