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    Thread: Allergies?

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      Nov 2017
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      Hi all. My golden lab Biscuit has had a runny nose since the summer. He has been to the vet three or four times and every time the vet insists that it is allergies. He is about 10 years old (exact age unknown) an the years we've had him he never suffered from allergies. It seems to be his left nostril mainly, it is sore to the touch and always runs clear or sometimes slightly yellow. I think he is dealing with post nasal drip as well, he sounds like he is trying to clear his throat a lot. Much like humans do when they have it. He eats, plays and everything else pretty much as he always has. He is from Taiwan and came over to us here in the States with heart-worm which nearly killed him two years ago. We had him treated and he has been fairly good ever since. The vet did blood work and urine tests, all pretty much what they ought to be. She swabbed his nose and examined the sample and did not find a lot of white blood cells. She gave him a ten day course of antibiotics which did nothing at all.

      Have any of you dealt with this with your dogs? Any ideas as to possible cause? I think my vet just has tunnel vision on the allergy thing, I don't expect we will get much else out of her. All the golden rod and rag weed are dead now. I thought maybe somehthing stuck in his schnoz but it seems like it should have dislodged by now.

      Also, any suggestions on something to soothe his nose? I have given him benadryl (25mg) but it does not really slow the dripping much.

      Thanks in advance for any comments!

      John and Biscuit

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      If you google up dog allergies you'll see that they tend to show different symptoms than we humans do. More itching, losing hair but also runny eyes, noses and clogged up ears. It does sound strange that only one nostril is dripping. Not to say that it can't be so but having read some posts here of folks finding weeds, particularly foxtails (? not had them may have the name wrong) I think that would be worth investigating further.

      My boy's allergies did seem to be seasonal/environmental. He was itchy. Some holistic Vets now believe allergy symptoms are rooted in gut issues and when an acute gut issue did appear, was treated and fixed my boy's itching stopped. So for him it does seem to be true. Blood testing with a Vet familiar with what to look for in gut issues is an option for suspect allergies but as I said above, you might want to look further up that schnoz first. Good luck.

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      If it were mine, I would take him to a specialist who can potentially scope his nose in case there is either something stuck or a tumor, etc. Doesn’t sound like typical allergies to me ...

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      I agree with a visit to a specialist. (welcome to the board!)
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