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      May 2014
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      Sending MOJO and hugs for Chili and you.
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      I'd do x-rays and see what's really going on in the elbow. If it's arthritis, the pain comes and goes and maybe it's the weather change that aggravated it. He may have hurt himself by jumping or running so I'd limit these from now on. No running, jumping and rough-housing with other dogs. Also, if you are walking him for 40 minutes once a day, do two walks for about 20 minutes and see how it goes. I'd keep the walks slow and on-leash for now.

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      That's got to be hard, he's still such a young boy. I thought dogs who had surgery on their joints, even arthroscopic, eventually developed some arthritis just from having the integrity of the joint interrupted but I'd have hoped it would be at a more advanced age. How long has this limp been going on? I hope the issue can be resolved fairly inexpensively.

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      May 2014
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      it started as a mild limp/favoring of leg with head bob while slow walking maybe 4 months ago when we pet sat another bigger dog for a month and I thought he just was sore from the constant playmate...but he hasnt recovered so maybe he got hurt/reinjured leg then...Im not so worried about costs as long as a fix is possible...whether pain mgmt or surgery. if surgery comes up, I might fly chili to DC area to have my friend do surgery. he specializes in emergency trauma with animals and has done heart surgeries and just about everything...but thats worse case scenario...its just a limp, so hoping for easy fix.
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      Hoping for the best for Chili. Sending mojo

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