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      Quote Originally Posted by CBlaker114 View Post
      So I just wanted to say thank you to all the well wishes and advice from this forum. We took Toohey to an internal medicine vet today. It's lymphoma in his GI track. Nothing we're going to be able to do. They gave us steroids and anti-nausea medication so hopefully he can hold some food down. If he responds well to the medication, we may get another month or two with him. If not, I'll have to make the call sometime this week. I'm just hoping my little man gets to go on another duck hunt or two... it's just not fair.....

      Again... Thanks for the well wishes... Squeeze your labs a little tighter tonight.. maybe let em on the couch or have a piece of cheese
      I’m so sorry to hear.

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      So sorry to hear this about Toohey we went through almost the same thing and time frame with Zoe's lymphosarcoma. We did the steroids and prednisone treatment with her that gave us a little over 3 months with her. For food we ended giving her whatever she would eat from baby food, hot dogs to cat food.
      Thoughts and payers sent for Toohey and your family.
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      Just an update folks... Toohey has responded well to steroids and is eating again... He's wagging his tail and bugging his brothers again! We played outside all weekend at Grandma's and we are going duck hunting this Saturday... We have our first appointment with an oncologist this morning... Apparently chemo doesn't affect dogs nearly as bad or for nearly as long so if that is a viable option where he won't be sick the whole time, we're going to pursue that... I'll update on how is going... Again... Thanks for all the support and well wishes

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      Been following your story with Toohey. What a shock on the diagnosis. Hate that evil cancer in any form, but dogs respond well and have almost no side effects from chemo.

      Sending our best New Year lab board MOJO, good thoughts and healing prayers to Toohey and you.
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      Great update...let's hear it for quality time!!!
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      great update! fingers crossed

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      What a nice update! Continued prayers for your boy.

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      Glad to hear he is responding well. Good thoughts and prayers going forward.

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      Sending good thoughts for Toohey and hoping you have many more good days ahead!!

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      I just caught up on Toohey's situation. Prayers sent that he continues to do well.

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