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      House Broken
      Black Labbies's Avatar
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      May 2014
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      Ugh, so young . Sad times for you and Toohey.

      I got this email the other day: Medicinal Mushrooms For Cancer In Dogs
      A lady on this board named Beth, had her girl-lab Lucy on medicinal mushrooms and homeopathies for years and Lucy did amazingly well. Perhaps PM her a message: LucyTudeOn4Feet http://www.lab-retriever.net/board/members/lucytudeon4feet/
      If/when necessary, we'll be using homeopathy and medicinal mushrooms as well. Been there, done that with Chemo.

      Wishing Toohey and you all the best!

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      Senior Dog
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      Nov 2014
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      Im very sorry to see what you going through. I hope Toohey has some more good days. Its heartbreaking he is so young

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      Senior Dog
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      May 2014
      Upstate New York
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      Just catching up here....I will keep your dear sweet Toohey in my thoughts and prayers...

      It's just not fair....so very young with so much life ahead of him. Such a beautiful boy.

      I often wonder, how does this happen?

      Labs have such strong wills, I hope and pray you will have more quality time with him...

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