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      Quote Originally Posted by Shelley View Post
      I would be checking for a retained foreign body in his stomach, he could have swallowed something while being boarded. The red tinge to his vomitus could be stomach irritation from either the medications or a foreign body. X rays would help diagnose this, except some items are not visible on x rays, so be mindful of that. You are doing what I would do for empty stomach syndrome, but since that was not an issue before, I doubt that is the issue now.

      Have you called the boarding facility to ask if they noticed him off, or if he ate something? Or is any other dogs have been ill since that time?

      In my experience, a dog that is vomiting regularly, is not well, Labradors are well known for being stoic, so they act normal even if they aren't. This could be a host of things, from what has been mentioned, to an abdominal mass, to cancer, etc... I would start with a complete blood panel, and an abdominal x ray, and move on from there. Good wishes
      This was my first thought as well. As soon as you said vomiting and all the health stuff been checked my guess is he ate something in there irritating his stomach. Wood chips something splintered etc. I would do xrays see if there is anything in there.

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      Well, visited the Vet today and the X-ray is all clear. Everything normal, no foreign objects in site.

      Vet believes Mayson is suffering from GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease). Apparently this is something that juvenile dogs sometimes experience and usually "grow out" of it. While acid builds up overnight on the empty stomach, the Esophageal sphincter relaxes while Mayson is sleeping which contributes to worse reflux in the morning. He typically has been throwing up at 4:30a so this makes complete sense.

      Recommended treatment is Prilosec for the Acid reduction and Metoclopramide to treat nausea and vomiting. If all goes well, I should be able to cut out the Metoclopramide after 2-3 weeks and then the Prilosec after that.

      So crossing fingers that this takes care of Mayson with no additional side effects!

      Thanks everyone for your comments and ideas!!!
      Murphy & Mayson

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      Hope he gets feeling better.

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