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    Thread: Elle's therapy

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      Elle's therapy

      Elle had her assessment to start physiotherapy today. The vet was very happy with her range of motion and muscle tone. She says that she should do very well. She had her introduction to the underwater tread mill. She wasn't sure about walking up the ramp into the tank but once she was in she settled right down. By the end of the 8 min intro she was diving for the ball on the bottom of the tank and playing with the toys they put in. I think she is really going to like this part of the programme. We have divided it into three section. We will do 2 days of water therapy, 2 days of in home therapy with a variety of exercises for strengthening, balance and stretching, 2 days of obedience/rally training indoors and then one day of rest with some stretching. She will also continue her 3 or 4, 20 minute walks per day.
      Tonight I put a prong collar on her because she has really been pulling on the Help Me Up harness and my back is killing me. It was a much better walk tonight.

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      I'm glad to see she's doing well. Funny girl, playing in the treadmill tank! It's good to know she thought it was fun, not scary. I hope things continue to progress well!

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      Sounds like things are going really well...glad she's having fun, too.
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      Great update on Elle! Glad she's enjoying the water therapy. Samson is not a water boy and he whined the entire time while on the treadmill. He had TTA and we did 12 weeks of water therapy. In November, I started him with swimming. I love all the therapy options for our pups and I love reading about the success of taking advantage of those options.

      Keep at Elle! You will be playing with the other pups freely in no time!

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      glad to hear she got the all clear for the next step rehab can be fun!

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