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      Natural First Aid Salves?

      Looking for an idea of something really natural and good for healing to put on a spot on Jack's ear. He developed what I call "old dog warts", and he has one on his ear flap. It happens to get scratched alot and Tickle licks it too....so it doesn't heal up well. I want to put something on it to help it heal quicker if possible while I decide if it's worth the nearly $600 without biopsy for full removal. We'll probably do a 2nd opinion on this at the other vet but in the meantime. He gets crated during the day so it should be relatively safe for healing during the day.

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      NuStock has done wonders for my guys on many things before.. it’s a bit smelly (sulfur like smell) but works great!

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      How about EMT gel or cream for dogs. Used it a couple of times for small scrapes and it did the job.
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      If you want something protective but not necessarily containing med type ingredients, I'd suggest one of The Blissful Dog products. This link is for elbow butter....I use the nose butter on Sunnie and it has kept her aging scaly nose looking like it belongs on a puppy. It's basically a balm. I think the differences are just marketing and not based on ingredients...the non-tin container versions may be a bit different. I've used Sunnie's nose product on other body parts.

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      An “old timey” vet once asked if I was using bag balm on Chase one time when he had some skin irritation and indicated he liked it for that sort of thing. For unmedicated skin protection and to just keep the skin from getting dry, I like Aquaphor.

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      Calendula cream/ointment: Calendula Cream - Natural Cream for minor burns, cuts, scrapes, skin irritations and sunburn You can also give Jack calendula in homeopathic form, or even Silicia.

      We use it all the time for the girls and us. The nice thing about calendula is if the girls lick it off, it's all natural and safe.

      Good luck with Jack!

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