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      Quote Originally Posted by JenC View Post
      You should also get familiar with collecting your boy and how to perform and AI. If the dogs do not want to do the deed, or cannot due to a size incompatibility, you need to be able to step in. The bitch my boy bred, while she was at the right numbers, and my boy tried to do it naturally, she was not as willing as she should have been. The humping was fine, but she was totally against the tie. I had to jump in and do the AI.
      Just want to second this. The first time we tried to breed my male, he had no idea what to do. Now granted, he was almost 10 at the time and an Obedience dog so had spent most of his life being told to leave girls alone, but still, you’d think he could have figured it out. He couldn’t, even though she was more than willing. His breeder had been supposed to be there to help do a side-by-side AI if necessary, but she ended up getting a stomach bug and couldn’t make it, so we tried just seeing if nature would take it’s course ... it didn’t, and the owner went to her “back-up” plan the next day rather than miss the opportunity all together. A few weeks later, we tried to breed him again, this time to a littermate of the first bitch and again, she was willing and he was clueless (essentially he kept humping them from the side and wouldn’t go near their back end, even when we tried to redirect him). That time we did have someone standing by ready to collect him and do a side by side AI, and that’s how we have Chloe. The third time we attempted to breed him, the bitch owner wanted a side-by-side AI rather than a live cover which we did (I brought him to her vet’s office) but he almost figured it out out in the waiting room that time, so I think he might have finally been able to do it, had he been given the opportunity. Point being, you can’t just assume he will know what to do.

      Also, from the other side, not all bitches are willing, especially if this is their first time. When we bred Chloe, the stud owner preferred to do side by side AI’s rather than live cover anyway, which was good as when we used her as a teaser for the collection (and this was a very experienced stud dog), she was NOT having it. I had to pretty much muzzle her and restrain her while he sniffed and humped. By the third breeding though, she was a bit more relaxed about it and only gave him a token growl or two ... I think she’s the kind of girl who needs to get to know a suitor first, LOL.

      Point being, things will go best if at least one party (bitch or stud owner) is experienced, and preferably is capable of doing a collection and artificial insemination if necessary. People told me that since I owned the stud I ought to have learned how to do all that, but since he was 10 and wasn’t going to be bred much, I never did. Now I only have girls. If you are planning on potentially breeding your boy again down the line, you may want to get someone to teach you how to collect and do an AI. Lots of experienced breeders can do it - doesn’t need to be an actual repro vet. Joining your local Lab club might be a good way to meet people who can mentor you.

      Good luck!

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      Thank you both for taking the time. Those were both great responses!!!

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      Seattle lab, feel free to pm me. I'm in Yakima, am a long time member of PSLRA and LRC, Inc, and have over 20 yrs of breeding experience.

      Just went thru a 'virgin' breeding a few months ago and can tell you what may happen and what (IMO) you should be ready to step up and do if the boy isn't ready to perform..... also what can I say, but it's complicated in this day and age! I'd highly recommend the bitch owner and you be on the same page, philosophically w/ regard to Limited Reg. Lots of not so great / not so honest buyers out there. Bitch owner needs to share contract w/ you up front, imo. I am thoroughly enjoying my new found friendship w/ most recent breeding here. Breeding can be great, or it can be a disaster... Be prepared! Best of luck-- Anne
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      I find that every bitch owner I talk to, whether they use my boy or not, need an education. Either they don't know about progesterone. Or they think that they drop their girl off at my "kennel" and it ends up magically pregnant. Or they drop over because they thought this might cost them $20 vs. $1200. Or they are shocked you won't do a service for pick puppy when their girl still needs all their clearances and is basically a poor quality pet pedigree. Some want to learn, and I have several friends now because we worked through the whole process together. Also be ready for the bitch owners that blame you for the no puppies, the few puppies, the sick puppies and the puppies with health issues.

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      Too much information so I removed it :-)
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