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    Thread: Mojo for Hemi

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      Thanks all for asking, Hemi seems to be back to his normal self. He finished up his last Rymadyl today so we will see how he is off that. He was quite his normal ornery self last night as he picked up his huge snuffle mat and decided it was a toy and was swinging it all over. Which then he got another toy the largest he has, the huge Tuffy Chinese dragon, and was running through the house with it. Then I sat down to play guitar for a while last night and he proceeded to attack my feet. He is jumping in and out of bed like normal. So he appears like everything is back to normal. We plan to return to agility class tomorrow night as we took last week off. Wednesday we resumed walks and swimming he still seemed a little hesitant of getting out of bed last week but that was all gone by this weekend.

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      Oh, thank goodness.

      Lots of sighs of relief....can you hear us???
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      Wonderful that Hemi is feeling better and back to his ole self again.
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