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      Anal Gland Problem

      My four year old Female had an Anal gland problem that the Vet took care of and she recommended Mucilex for a food additive. Three tbsp. a day. My Wife thinks this is too much. My Lab is 73 lbs. What do ypou think? I'd be grateful foe any opinions.

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      Do you mean Metamucil or a fiber supplement? My daughter's dog got 2 teaspoons per day but for inflammatory bowel disease, not anal glands. You could surely call to check on the dose if it sounds off to you.

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      I don't know about this brand but I'd recommend Konsyl because it has absolutely no additives...just pure psyllium.

      Call the vet, though, and confirm the dose. That does sound like a lot even if it's given in three doses throughout the day.

      You might also want to confirm that psyllium is preferable as a fiber source instead something like wheat dextrin (Benefiber). Psyllium has laxative qualities, Benefiber just creates bulk. Most dogs with anal gland problems, in my experience, just need bulk. Pumpkin might also do the trick.

      I used Benefiber with two of my cats...neither one needed psyllium (oh yeah, we tried that once).
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      30 plus years ago my the folks I got my first Lab from told me feed them a raw marrow bone once a month (or so) and you'll never have an anal gland problem. It's must work, as I've had 11 Labs now and have never had an anal gland issue. Just make sure you watch them while chewing, and you may want to clean out some of the marrow as it can make their poo a bit soft.

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      Also as a more natural way, you can just add a couple spoonfuls of canned pumpkin to the food. Lots of good healthy fiber in a more natural way.

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