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      Nodule-like growth in the Paws

      Hi there,

      I have a yellow Lab- 7 years old this September. He has always a bad case of skin allergies or fungal infections in his paws or ears- especially when he comes back from a swim.

      This last year, he started to show nodule like growths in his paws and we showed it to the Vet who gave us certain medication; and told us that the growths were being caused either by a bacterial infection or because of ticks. He said it could also be because of a wound that remain unattended to and became septic.

      Over the months, every paw start to have this nodule/ protruding skin growth and they often burst- either with blood or with plus flowing out.

      I took him to many vets and some of them suggest that we operate those growths and stitch his skin. Some others say that we should not operate it as the skin there is insufficient to stitch back and since it's a pressure point, post operative care will be very difficult.

      At this point, we are only giving him anti-inflammatory tablets and injections to keep the growth in check and also soaking his feet in a liquid solution of magnesium crystals to avoid further infection. Once it drys, we apply a coat of Hemax (a brown lotion that smells real bad) so he doesn't lick the wound.

      I just wanted to know if this is a common problem in labs and if there is any known way of curing it. Additionally,would you recommend operating it or just continuing with the current method of curing it.

      Any opinion in this regard would be great!

      Thanks a ton for your time

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      No, this is not a common lab problem.

      Was the vet calling them interdigital cysts?

      My guys had something similar, but they were getting grass awns imbedded in their webbing.

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      One of my dogs had an interdigital furuncle once, that burst and was treated with antibiotics only. It hasn't come back in several years. If this is what your dog has, here's an article with a bit of information on them

      Overview of Interdigital Furunculosis: Interdigital Furunculosis: Merck Veterinary Manual

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      Looks like interdigital cysts. I work with a Veterinary Dermatologist and she does see quite a few Labs with interdigital cysts. They can be difficult to effectively eliminate, I had a Lab/Newfie mix who had them periodically his entire life. The only thing that eliminated them was when he underwent chemo for lymphoma. But there are some dogs who do respond to treatment, 2 months of oral antibiotics, topical meds and daily betadine soaks. Maybe you should consult with a Derm Vet.

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